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Why Santino?

I chose Santino because when I was around 13 he made his debut in WWE as a Italian man in the audience at a WWE event heading into the ring to face Umaga. When he entered the ring and took him on, Santino’s agility and power caught my eye. When the ref rang the bell Santino just went at Umaga! and BAM. Instantly in LOVE with his wrestling skills. Later on in his WWE Career as i Kept watching. He had a comedic side to him which was very awesome, he came out on occasion as an Italian-American just like on Jersey Shore except Santino is 100x cooler than Snooki! So anyways.. when he got together with Maria, I thought that was the funniest ever because he tried to cover her up just like Mike Knox to Kelly Kelly. When Maria did Playboy.. I was like HOT MOMMA. And then Santino was all jealous and stole Jerry Lawler’s Sandwich and splashed him with soda. Then The Cobra! The cobra is most definitely the BEST finisher in ‘all the times’. Love Santino. Love his Character. Love everything. He’s just AWESOME :) Be sure to always.. StayCobra. or.. Don’t O_o

About The Owner

Name: Matthew (Perfer’s Matt)
Fav. Superstars: Santino Marella, John Cena, Randy Orton, Hornswoggle, and Bret Hart
Least Fav.: The Miz
Fav. Current Divas: All of the Sexy Divas ;D
Least Fav.: None of the Sexy Divas ;D
Bands/Artists I Like: Michael Jackson, Eminem, Flyleaf, Linkin Park, Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, etc…
Favorite Comedians: Dane Cook, Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart
Some other stuff about myself:

- December 8th – Birthday
- I’m Irish, French-Canadian, Part Italian.
- I love skittles
- I tend to swear alot
- I’ve been to 5 WWE Events, 2 house shows 2 Live, 1 Taped
- Ive been a WWE fans for over 9 yrs.
- Go Red Sox!